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Universal Relationship Needs

You may think that a man’s mind isn’t that complex in comparison with your own, but sometimes they do experience “emotions” too. Maybe not as often as women, and maybe they will never admit it to the extend we do, but the general needs and wants in human beings are the same all around. Unless of course you are dating a total neanderthal douche bag loser.  The ways we go about expressing how we feel and what we want is what makes us totally different creatures!

So here, very plain and simple are a few things we all want from a relationship, guys are just usually too stubborn to admit that although we are different in many ways, the underlying needs and hopes when in a loving relationship are not different between the sexes.


Yes, we all want and need sex.

Some more than others but it is a natural bonding experience that when in a relationship needs to be a regular activity. Sex is such an important thing,  because it’s such a serious barometer for the health and intimacy level of a relationship. It says so much about the physical and emotional status of each of you.

But there’s more to a happy relationship than just sex. We all crave other signs of affection, so do not relay on sex alone to show your love.

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Ryan Gosling “Not Handsome or Cool”?

“The director for The Notebook, Nick Cassavetes, called me to meet him at his house, when I got there, he was standing in his back yard, and he looked at me and said, ‘I want you to play this role because you’re not like the other young actors out there in Hollywood. You’re not handsome, you’re not cool, you’re just a regular guy who looks a bit nuts.”- Ryan Gosling

I’m sorry, WHAT? Do my eyes deceive me?! Clearly this man Nick whatever is a tad on the crazy side, or has no idea what women find “handsome and cool” After obtaining his role as Noah in “The Notebook” Ryan Gosling won the heart of everyone with his charm and good looks! I wonder if Nick wishes he would have cast this guy…

Not Ryan Gosling!

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Affection is to Women, What Sex is to Men

It is usually not hard to figure out why a man cheated, and sometimes there does not even have to be a reason, besides the fact that he is a man, and an opportunity had presented itself or presented her slutty ass, I should say. Now to be fair, not all men would cheat on their partners, whether they were particularly happy or not.  I like to call these group of men “Jaguars” because they are on the endangered species list and almost extinct. If you have this type of man, keep him satisfied, he deserves it!

Now since we really don’t need to go any further into why men cheat, I want to talk about women with all their “sugar & spice”.  We, as a gender are generally viewed as the sweet and innocent partner of the duo, the one who would be less likely to stray.  Just to get this argument out of the way, we all know based on statistics etc. that over the years there has been a huge increase in the amount of women who cheat, but usually you can pick these hoe bags out of a crowd, and maybe should not make one of those types your girlfriend or wife.

What I am talking about today is that loving, shy, predictable woman who absolutely adores you…

Yea her, your little innocent Angel

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Hey Guys, Kiss Your Girl!

Did my hair get flat? Did I stumble into some bad lighting? What's wrong with me?

Have you ever kissed or tried to kiss someone who acted like they didn’t want to be kissed? You feel like an idiot, are vaguely insulted, and are left thinking about why this should bother you so much when he obviously thinks you are attractive, smart, funny, and worth hanging out with, or he wouldn’t be with you right?…  The reason is because kissing is very important to most women. It is the fastest way to get us in the mood and the best way to show some love, at least in our eyes.

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What’s Your Number Slut?

Recently, I was talking with a group of girlfriends about how many guys we have slept with and it was surprising to see the drastic amount of difference in numbers on our lists. Let’s just say that the totals was more than the age of some, and less than you can count on one hand for others…  At least our overall total was lower than the US debt ceiling. Most of us had a lot of fun in our younger days when premature hook-ups were something you did in your 20’s, some in hopes that sex would lead to love, others just for fun.

This whole convo came up becuase of the movie starring Anna Faris “What’s Your Number” So as it does, with friends,  when discussing sex, the word Slut started being tossed around in a playful, friendship way to some of those who as we said “their va jay jay’s should be able to occupy small cities compared to others in the group who’s peaches are still as tight as  Lil Wayne’s skinny jeans”. I was proudly in the Lil Wayne category thank you…

But what really constitutes being a “slut”

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What Girls Think About During Sex – Jenna Marbles

Ok, so those of you who have not heard of the genius Jenna Marbles, you are missing out on some funny ass content. Not only is she hot, she is also raunchy, inappropriate and super hilarious!

This is her most recent video, she post new ones every Wednesday.

You’re Welcome!



Check Out Our First Guest Post On Love Monkey!

The Love Monkey Jungle was kind enough to let Love Bungalow invade their site to sprinkle some womanly knowledge about sex & the women who are not afraid of a little necessary roughness ;)

Read it HERE and while you are there check out some advice from the male point of view… ”Because Relationships Are Bananas”



Does He Love Me Google?

I was inspired to write this entry based off of the ridiculous amount of articles I came across with stupid ass topics such as “How to tell if he’s in love” or “12 signs he’s fallen for you” first off ladies if you have to Google “how to tell if he loves me” I would bet a million smackers that he doesn’t, or worse you are just bonkers crazy. The chances are even if you are unsure of his feelings for you, for whatever reason, a random article some misguided (probably unhappy single) woman wrote on the Internet is not going to pinpoint any conclusion for you. Why you ask, because men are not all the same…
One of the main ways these articles try to convince you that he loves you is if he tells you he does. Let me stop you right there, words are easy to say and really have zero meaning if not backed up by action. I could tell you I am the smartest, most beautiful, down to earth, hilarious, most fascinating writer in the world, and even if in my narcissistic mind I believe all that to be true, you shouldn’t and wouldn’t without proof right?! Well the same attitude should be carried into your romantic affairs. How many friends do you have in “loving relationships” meaning they say it to each other, yet every time you hang out with them you think “if that is love I am better off alone or switching teams” (we have all thought it before). I have friends who have been cheated on, disrespected, screamed at daily, controlled, I could go on, but he told her he loved her so it must be true right?… Wrong!                                                                                                    
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The Single Girls Circle Of Men

Many single women have a group of men in their life that fulfill different needs that are usually missing when not involved in a serious relationship. There are different types of men that seem to hang around some hoping to date us, some hoping to help us, and some that just want to sleep with us and nothing more. These men help us to figure out who we are and what we want in our next relationship.

You might be romantically involved with one or more of them (you bad girls)… But many of them are just “friends” like for instance co-workers, teammates, neighbors, etc. each play different roles in your life and allow you to explore your romantic desires and needs because traditional dating is somewhat nonexistent. So we’ve found a way to get all the perks of dating, without actually having to sit around and wait to be asked out. You get to stay open-minded about guys so you pinpoint the one who might ultimately be right for you. You never know when a moment of romantic chemistry might spark and maybe you will share a new experience that will lead to more, maybe you learn something new about each other and who knows where that will lead.

This is not about dating and definitely not about sleeping with ten different guys at once, it is about engaging with different types of guys on different levels, on your own terms, for different reasons, in an effort to figure out who you are, what you want, and where you’re going to be hanging out on Saturday night until you meet the one that makes you want to be with him every Saturday night.

Time to figure out who these men are in your life and maybe re-evaluate what they bring to the table and why you keep them around. Maybe Mr. Right is in front of your face mixed into all the Mr. Right-Now’s.…

Below is a description of the ten guys who may be playing a role in your life:

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